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Carnivore Experiment - Day 3 & 4

Updated: Mar 1, 2023


January 31st & February 01st


Physical Stats on February 01st

  1. Bodyweight: 58.2kg, this is -0.6kg total

  2. Body fat percentage: 13.9%, tested on January 27th with Skulpt - retesting on February 05th.

  3. Waist circumference: 24.75” - same

  4. Energy level: 6/10 - slight improvement from better sleep

  5. Skin condition - Psoriasis, same as start - good; Rosecea, same as start

  6. Thyroids - FT3, 3.41pmol/L (2.63-5.70) | TSH, 12.10pmol/L (9.01-19.05) - retest on February 10th.

  7. Ostesarthris - N/A

  8. Strength - Deadlift 3*70kg, on January 31st

  9. Sleep quality - average

Changes as highlighted.

Physical Activities

January 31st

  • Pilates, 55 minutes

  • Strength training - Deadlift and shoulders, 2 hours 10 minutes

February 01st

  • Strength training (mild) - lots of back, 1 hour 30 minutes

What I Ate - roughly

January 31st

  • Bulletproof coffee

  • Wine

  • Ribeye, 16oz

  • Pork chop, 10oz

Total: 25oz meat | 1 meal

February 01st

  • Bulletproof coffee, 2 massive portions

  • Ribeye, 12oz

  • Pork loin, 10oz

Total: 22oz | 1 meal

How did I feel? The raw emotions!


Let’s get positive!

As you see I still exercise everyday, energy is quite level and my strength seems to have improved. My deadlift has a slight improvement as well as lat pulldown, as I increased the load to 32kg from 27.5kg for the last set of eight.

Other changes

Increased thirst - I have been drinking more water since yesterday, my tummy and head haven’t been very happy with me, it could be this sudden increase of meat volume as well as a change of electrolyte balance, I will have to wait a few more days to have access to bone broth in Hong Kong.

Skin condition is pretty much the same as day 1, but I notice more bloating in my face, but again, it could be due to a lack of quality sleep.

This bit is extremely girly, so please excuse me, there has been more discharge, I suppose this is due to hormonal change.

Raw Emotions

This evening the same yearning for cheese came back after my first steak, but it subsided along with the last bite of fatty pork, or pork fat and copious amount of grass-fed butter. I used to have a small plate of cheese post dinner on most nights, guess it’s another weaning habit. Ah, and I miss my petite four.

Aside from slight upset tummy, my stomach is generally fine as there is no post-dinner bloating, it’s relatively flat in spite of the ingestion of 22oz meat in one sitting. Below is my macro breakdown for day 3 and 4.

What can one really expect in the first week?

For anyone transiting from heavy sugar-laided diet, or standard American diet, you can expect flu-like symptoms, intense sugar craving, headache and upset tummy, mood swing, irritability, and unstable appetite, feeling sick and lethargic, etc.


These are standard detox symptoms as you are introducing new dietary habits, a new environment, to your body, which requires time and adjust to the changes. While sugar and gluten are highly addiction by triggering the release of endorphin, not to mention a surge of insulin. When you go cold turkey, you are sending you body to a massive shock of withdrawal. Here is another wonderful article from Meat Health that gives you more confidence to stay on track for a little longer.

With love, light and peace,


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