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Carnivore Experiment - Day 8 - 10

Updated: Mar 1, 2023



February 6th - 8th - Day 8 to 10


Physical Stats on February 10th

  1. Bodyweight: 58.1kg, lost 0.7kg.

  2. Body fat percentage: 13.7%, dropped 0.2%

  3. Waist circumference: 24.75”, same as start

  4. Energy level: 8/10, more consistent during the day.

  5. Skin condition - Skin is glowing, inflammation reduced. Psoriasis, almost all healed; Rosecea, photos here.

  6. Thyroids - to be updated

  7. Ostesarthris - Right MCL seems a little more resilient, post-run swelling and pain seem somewhat alleviated.

  8. Strength - Deadlift 5*70kg, February 06th = 7% increase in strength

  9. Sleep quality - GOOD

Changes as highlighted in bold.

What I Ate

Day 8 - February 06th, 58.4kg

  • Bulletproof coffee

  • Wine

  • Ribeye, 18.5oz

  • Foie gras, 100g/ 3.5oz

Total: 22oz meat | 1 meal

Day 9 - February 07th, 58.1kg

  • Bulletproof coffee

  • Ribeye, 17oz

  • Chicken liver, 236g/ 8oz

  • Lamb chop, 130g/ 4.5oz meat

Total: 30oz | 1 meal

  • Bulletproof coffee

  • Ribeye, 5.5oz

  • Sunny side up eggs, 2 large

  • Smoked salmon, 212g/ 7.5oz

  • Cheese, 80g/ 3oz

  • Macadamia nuts, 100g

  • Brazil nuts and mixed nuts, 30g and 50g

Total: Lost count | 1 meal

How did I feel? The Raw Emotions!

Day 8 - 10 as it pans out…

After a massive calories load on day 7, I was not hungry at all on day 8, instead of having two Bulletproof coffees which are equivalent to three tablespoons of Brain Octane oil, 35g unsalted butter and one tablespoon of Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate, I reduced Brain Octane to two tablespoons, it is as though my body has becomes less reliant on MCTs for energy, could it be the sign of being even more fat-adapted?


This is a funny one, it fluctuates from day to day. I can suddenly feel ravenous at 11am while other days I am not hungry till dinner time, while hunger was pretty much non-existent before.

The Verdict

By day 10, I was quite ready to end the experiment but on the other hand, i would like to carry on with this eating style with a bit of modification, it is because I do see more pros than cons thus far.


  1. The significant improvement with my hair and skin condition;

  2. The steady energy level and mental clarity;

  3. The ease in digestion;

  4. The improvement in strength;

  5. Increase in testosterone

  6. Significant improvement with steak cooking skills!


  1. Eating can be tedious and become a survivor behaviour rather than appreciation;

  2. The apartment constantly smells like cooked steak.

  3. Cost, depending on the source of meat and where you live. Quality grass-fed beef in Canada and the UK is way more affordable than Hong Kong.

Tinkering Carnivore

Through this simple and yet simple experiment, I have learn more than several things about my body, and one thing for sure is, there is NO formula that can accurately calculate the amount of nutrients that our body actually needs.

What I have learned for myself is,

  1. My body wants more animal protein/ amino acids than I thought it needed. While USDA recommends 0.8kg/kgBW, which means a sedentary woman who weighs 55kg should consume 44g protein a day, which is equivalent to a slightly more 6oz lean meat a day. However, what is not taken into account is the fact that our entire body is composed of protein, 22 types of amino acids. It is not only our muscles, joints and bones that require the building blocks, but also our skin, hair, nails, organs - replenishment and regeneration, hormones, DNAs, etc., therefore, biologically speaking, we are made of proteins, in regard to this, how can anyone estimate the amount of proteins needed to support optimal functions?

  2. My body runs on fat. I have been having intense cravings for dietary fats, mainly for nuts and organ meats in the past two days, this was only satisfied with eating a huge amount of macadamia nuts and organ meats, as well as some goat yogurt.

  3. Vibrant health cannot be measured by calories or macros. It requires a lot of in-depth study of a person’s ethnic, dietary-nutrition, lifestyle, environment, physical and psychological background in order to ‘accurately’ dial in the ‘perfect’ diet for vibrant health. Still, this diet changes constantly according to repeating evaluation of the above factors, therefore, we need to have an objective scale to measure how vibrantly and healthily we want to live, especially in the time of extended lifespan.


I honestly cannot tell whether humans are natural carnivore, but again, I have learned about the important role that animal proteins plays in sustaining vibrant health.

Personally, I would like to carry on with this eating style with a few modifications, such as allowing high quality nuts, using herbs and spices, as well as vegetables sparingly.

If you are interested in experimenting with Carnivore diet, please feel free to email me for survival tips.

Organ meat craving!


Daily Occurrence

58.1kg-13.7% BF

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