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Carnivore Experiment - Day 5 to 7

Updated: Mar 1, 2023


February 02nd-05th, 2020 - Day 5 to 7


Physical Stats on the day

  1. Bodyweight: 58.1kg, total since day 1 = 0.7kg

  2. Body fat percentage: 13.9%, tested on January 27th with Skulpt - retesting on February 05th.

  3. Waist circumference: 24.75” - same

  4. Energy level: 7/10 - slight increase

  5. Skin condition - Psoriasis, almost all gone from supplementation; Rosecea, 3/10 has significant improvement and my hair is looking healthy and glossy.

  6. Thyroids - FT3, 3.41pmol/L (2.63-5.70) | TSH, 12.10pmol/L (9.01-19.05) - retest on February 10th.

  7. Ostesarthris - N/A

  8. Strength - 3*70kg per last update

  9. Sleep quality - good

Changes in stats as highlighted.

What I Ate

Fast forward to day 7, I have introduced cheese and macadamia nuts to the experiment in the past two days because I was literally ravenous. I am eating roughly 24-28oz meat per day plus brain octane, but I seem to be getting hungrier by days.

Last night after dinner, I had this intense cravings of nuts after two pieces of fatty sirloin, eventually I gave in the consumed 100g macadamia nuts, therefore ended my day in 4,600kcal.

How did I feel? The raw emotions

The Positives

  1. Both my hair and skin are getting more nourished, dandruff issue has definitely relieved and psoriasis is pretty non-existent at this point.

  2. My energy has gone up and stabilise since about day 4, my 3pm fatigue seems to have faded.

  3. Increased libido.

The Learning Curve

  1. I am getting hungrier each day, as mentioned above, it seems rather unusual and uncomfortable to be eating soooo much meat in one meal, and it’s not very lady-like.

  2. Also been feeling stiff in muscle, especially in the legs, therefore I’ll start adding bone broth tomorrow. Please feel free to share recipes!

  3. When organ meat is added, my body seems to need less meat, it is probably because organ meats are higher in micronutrient and fat.

What to expect during the adaption period?


Here is a brilliant article by Dr. Kevin Stock about symptoms, even if you are already keto-adapted or transiting from HFLC lifestyle, you will still experience some of these symptoms, the length of adaptation depends on how ‘healthy’ you are, yes, it is a little easier for people who are already fat-adapted.

Basic symptoms include but not limited to brain fog, fatigue, intense hunger, weight gain/ loss*, initial bloating, upset stomach, headache, etc., therefore, don’t be too alarmed and just focus on giving your body enough rest, hydration and minerals/ electrolytes replenishment, I found that bone broth, himalaya salt and potassium are particularly helpful with regulating homeostasis in the first two weeks.

Please share your experience and tips if you are a Carnivore advocate, otherwise, good luck with your journey to vibrant health.

With love, light and peace,


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