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Why I Run


Why I Run? And why I run.

Running is very simple and it is very low maintenance. Fancy gears aside, the only thing that running requires is our body.

People are often amazed at the fact that I run 6 days a week, if not everyone if my body can manage. They always ask me why.

Running to me is meditation, it is when I get to clear the junk thoughts and regain clarity, although I still have not figured out the quickest way to get rich (just joking), but I have definitely run myself out of many minor mid-life crisis in the past 10 years. Pun-intended.

The life lessons running as taught me

Just today on my 75 minutes zone 2 run (which I will explain what it is in the future posts), I reflected on my relationships, with my partner and myself, as well as my aspirations for what I want to achieve in the future. Then, clarify returns and I brought myself to write an apologies to the person whom I love most, and bring myself to writing again.

Running also helps me release my emotions, although it also amplifies the negative emotions sometimes, I always feel better after running.

Physically, running keep my posture in check and my heart healthy. And I love the sense of freedom that running gives me. Running also gives me those very beautiful toned legs that attract many kind compliments.

I am a runner

This is my identity and I am proud to be a runner, I hope this will stay with me for the rest of my time.and that my passion will diffuse to get more people into running.

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